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Beginner Pattern Blocks

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Product Abstract:

Product Size:11"x11"x3"; weight:4.4 lbs; fit for2+years

Product Description

Beginner Pattern Blocks enhance early development of colors, shapes, and matching skills.

By using the Beginner Pattern Blocks, young children will begin to identify shapes and colors in their surrounding environment. Matching the shapes to the brightly colored images will enhance the child's skills in recognizing shapes in their every day life.
Features 10 brightly painted wooden patterns and 30 colorful shape pieces.
4.4 lbs.

Siyu toys 40 Piece Beginner Pattern Blocks Set is great for early development of colors and shapes and increasing motor skills. It's really a multi-age toy - Younger tots will love laying out and stacking the blocks, and preschoolers will enjoy following the 10 included design patterns and creating their own special masterpieces! This educational toy even introduces little ones to basic geometry. Parents get their money's worth with Siyu toys. The sturdy wood components, unique designs and attention to detail make Siyu toy's imagination-inspiring toys treasures that last for years.

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