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How to Build a Rotating Music Box
2013-04-23 09:20:51

How to Build a Rotating Music Box


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      Locate the compartment door on the bottom of the music box. Open it and gently remove the music box player from inside by unscrewing the screws holding it in with a #00 Phillips head screwdriver. You will need to unscrew the wind-up key by turning it counterclockwise to release it from the music box. Set the key and the screws to the side to ensure you don't lose them.

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      Glue a 1-inch dowel with a 1/2-inch thickness to the middle of the bottom gear on the music box player using super glue. The bottom gear turns as the music plays. The dowel will spin as the gear spins. Allow the glue to completely dry before moving on.

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      Drill a hole in the music box compartment door where the dowel will go through, using the drill and a 1/2-inch bit. Wiggle the bit around a little while drilling the hole to give the dowel a little moving space. Be careful to not wiggle too much and make the hole lopsided.

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      Place the music box player back inside the music box carefully by sliding the dowel through the hole in the compartment door. Replace the screws with the Phillips head screwdriver. Replace the wind-up key by turning it clockwise until it begins to wind the music box. Go slowly when turning the wind-up key as it is not helpful if the music box is playing while you're trying to work on it.

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      Drill a 1/2-inch divot into the center of a 3-inch-diameter wooden circle base. Apply wood glue to the divot, place the end of the dowel into the glue and press down gently. Allow the glue time to dry and set.

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