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How to Choose Safe Toys for an Infant
2012-02-28 21:37:41
Step 1
Take note of the age recommendations on toys that you are interested in. For example, you should not plan to purchase a toy for an infant that says "ages 3 and up." Purchasing toys that are age appropriate for infants will not only help you find developmentally appropriate toys, but also toys that are safe for infants.
Step 2
Determine if there are any choking hazards on the toy. An easy way to determine if a toy or a part of a toy can pose a choking hazard is to see if the toy or toy part will fit inside of a cardboard toilet paper tube. If the toy or toy part fits easily in the tube, then the toy or toy part can be a choking hazard. Toys with choking hazards are not safe for infants.
Step 3
Look for information on toy recalls. The website for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has information on infant toy recalls (see Resources below). You can search by specific toy, manufacturing company or toy description. You can also look for any recalls in a particular month and year. In addition, there is a RSS feed on the CPSC website of recent toy recalls. Any toy that has been recalled should be deemed unsafe for an infant or any other child.
Step 4
Make sure that the infant toy is well made. Look at the toy and see if there are any obvious dangers or hazards, such as pointed or rough edges or long strings. For example, crib toys that have strings longer than 6 inches can pose a strangulation hazard to an infant.
Step 5
Talk to other parents who have infants. They'll help you find safe toys for your infant. Other parents may be able to suggest toys to you that are safe, as well as, alert you to any recalls that they may hear about. You can alert other parents to recalls on infant toys as well.

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