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How to Learn Wooden Toy Making
2012-02-18 09:02:48

How to Learn Wooden Toy Making

Consider boxed wooden construction sets. These prepackaged kits include all the necessary wooden pieces, materials and step-by-step instructions. Though this method will not teach you toy-making skills, it will give you a sense of how wooden toys are assembled. Additionally, the construction process is simplified and can often make for a memorable parent/child experience. Toy kits are available at hobby shops and through such online retailers as SourcingMap.com.

Use online tutorials to get you started on basic toy cutouts and other beginner-level projects. Web sites like Make-Baby-Stuff.com provide designs and step-by-step directions for simple wooden toy making.

Consult how-to books on the subject. Textual sources jump-start your learning with examples and professionally edited advice, and are often more intensive than simple Web site guides. Some good titles include "Making Toys: Heirloom Toys to Make in Wood," by Sam Martin and Roger Schroeder, and "Making Toys That Teach," by Les Neufeld. Nuefeld's book is especially compelling, since Amazon.com explains he holds a graduate degree in curriculum and instruction materials, giving Neufeld the expertise necessary to infuse educational components into each of his toy templates.

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