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How to Make Wooden Toy Designs
2012-02-18 09:00:48

Draw several sketches of ideas. For example, if you want to make a pull-toy design, you might draw a few different animals or outlines for the design. Pick a design that inspires you most.

Refine the design you selected. Draw an outline of the toy. Indicate the overall dimensions. Decide on an age range for the toy. Toys need to be appropriate for children at different stages of development. The choice of age range will impact the design in size of parts, function, and ease of use.

Draw the various parts needed to construct the toy, such as wheels or bodies. Indicate all three dimensions of each part. In the margins, write a materials list. Detail the quantities, suggested wood species, wood finish, and fasteners.

Evaluate the design. Consider the function and proportion of the toy. Think about how the toy will be used and make any necessary changes to provide a functional, safe design.

Erase any stray pencil marks or smudges. Color the design with colored pencils to indicate a suggested finish.

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