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Some Useful Tips For Clean Wooden Toys
2012-06-20 21:57:52

Some Useful Tips For Clean Wooden Toys

Children are full of curiosity and adventure so it is no surprise that they often play rough with their toys. Both indoors and outdoors wooden toys can get covered in mud, dirt, sticky substances and unidentifiable materials that parents have to clean. Thankfully, wooden toys are great for your children and are relatively easy to clean. Try these tips for getting your child’s toys clean and sanitary for use. When cleaning wooden toys it is important to understand the difference between unfinished and finished wooden toys. Unfinished wooden toys refer to those that are not dyed or painted, while finished toys are just the opposite. For daily or light cleaning wipe either finish with a dry cloth. For unfinished toys wipe with a damp sponge to remove dust and dirt, while finished toys should be gently wiped with soap and water. Regardless of the type of wooden toy, soaking in water is never recommended as the wood can swell up. Once wiped with water the moisture should be wiped away with a dry cloth and the toy should be allowed to dry completely before being used again. An alcohol soaked cotton ball can also safely be used to remove dirt from an unfinished wooden toy.

Though it may seem natural to clean wooden toys with furniture polish do not try this! Furniture polish contains toxic substances that are not meant to be ingested and if used on wooden toys your child will get the substances on their hands and then these substances can be transferred to their mouths. If your toys require a more thorough cleaning, a wood soap or a natural soap will not dry out the toys surface. Depending on which method is more convenient for your home you can mix soap and water solution. Then use a spray bottle to hold the mixture and spray each toy down or dip each toy individually in a bucket of the solution. When cleaning a large batch of wooden toys they can even be cleaned in the dishwasher, just remember to dry immediately.

To disinfect wooden toys a solution of vinegar and water will act as a mild disinfectant. However, bleach and water mix is the best way to thoroughly disinfect all wooden toys. A solution of 10 parts water to one part bleach will be safe for use. After using bleach always rinse toys in plain water and dry off. If your wooden toys contain stains or discolorations then a fine grained sandpaper will buff the stain out. For painted toys, a rinse of water and vinegar should remove crayon marks and other oil based discolorations. Oil based toys that have been sanded can simply be reoiled without fear of causing any damage to the surface.

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