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Why Wooden Toys Are the Best Toys for Kids?
2011-12-21 15:03:03

Wooden Toys are the Best Gift for a Child

Wooden toys are worth your money. They hardly get any damage. Also, wooden toys can be kept as sweet remembrances. For instance, I played with my great grand father’s wooden toys and my kid is playing with the same set now. She will give it to her grand daughter and it will remain as an antique gift piece that reminds our ancestors. As wooden toys never break easily and can be kept forever, the best gift you can give a neighbourhood child is a wooden toy. Even if the child grows big, she will think of you whenever she sees the wooden toy you presented her on her on a special occasion.

Wooden Toys are the Safest Toys

Safety comes first when choosing a toy for your kid. There is no substitute for you kid’s safety. Following points prove you why wooden toys are safe.

  • Wooden toys are electric-shock resistant.
  • Kids use to keep everything in their mouth. In such cases, wooden toys are not as harmful as plastic toys.
  • As wooden toys can be recycled, they are referred as environment friendly toys.
  • Pollution caused during the manufacturing of wooden toys is very less compared to plastic and rubber toys.
  • Wooden toys are nature’s gift. Nature can never harm your child.

The only safety aspect that you have to keep in mind while your kid is playing with a wooden toy is its colour. Check whether the colour comes off when you scratch it with your nails. Usually the colours used in branded wooden toys will never come off and are the safest for your child. Wooden toys may be costly, but your child’s safety matters most.

Wooden Toys are Attractive

Some wooden toys are beautifully crafted, making them look very attractive. My child has a wooden toy train at home and she loves touching it often. I guess, she likes the natural feel in wooden toys. It is also fun watching her imitating her mom by cooking with her toy wooden utensils. What I like the most in wooden toys is the sound that comes when we hit two wooden pieces against one another. That is a real different sound that is pretty natural. Those kids who feel irritated on hearing the artificial noise produced by toy vehicles can play with wooden toy vehicles peacefully.

Usually wooden toys come as detachable pieces and kids have fun building them together. We have bought for our kid wooden building blocks that belong to the most reputed brand - Melissa & Dough. The pieces are artistically crafted that give an awesome look to the toy, when assembled.

Educational Benefits of Wooden Toys

Wooden toys not only provide great entertainment to your kids but also help them in their mental development. Wooden building blocks stimulate the child to think creatively. Your kid will never get bored playing building blocks. They constantly try for newer shapes and they are proud to be the architect of their own toy wooden house/train/truck/temple. Wooden building blocks also improve a child’s motor skills.

Wooden puzzles greatly help a kid in the development of her problem solving skills. They are really challenging to play and the parents must select the puzzle according to their kid’s age. Colourful shapes made out of wood helps a child to recognize shapes and colours.

Automated plastic toys do a lot of activities that attract a kid. However, the child does nothing other than just watching it. That means zero mental activity. In contrast to it, wooden toys are passive and the kid has to think a lot before making a shape out of it. Also, wooden toys are known for creating spatial awareness. Wooden sequencing sets improve a child’s hand-eye coordination.

Wooden Toy Making – A Hobby

Have you ever tried to make a simple wooden toy? It is a creative way of spending your weekend. Instead of staying as a couch potato during a holiday season, try to craft some wooden toys for your kid. Let them watch you making it. Wooden toy making is a very good hobby idea for your kid.

Different Types of Wooden Toys

There are a huge number of wooden toys available in the market. Some have the good old traditional designs and others have modern day designs. Most popular wooden toys are trains, trucks, farms, castles and doll houses. Wooden horse ride-on and wooden tricycles are children’s all-time favourite. Jigsaw puzzles and wooden board games are meant for elderly kids. Present the future musicians with wooden musical instruments.

Wooden toys are available for children of all ages. If you want to purchase only wooden toys for your kid, you can buy them online. Buying wooden toys online are the cheapest way to purchase. There will not be much difference between brand new wooden toys and used ones. So, better go for used wooden toys, if you want to make a huge wooden toy collection.

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