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Wooden toys material type
2012-02-18 08:52:24

Wooden toys material type

Pine: The most expensive (more expensive imports), light, was white, wood-way comparison bigger than the other timber is easy to fall split. Superba: the most commonly used wooden toys, more expensive than pine high density, heavy, uniform lines, impact.
  Basswood: beige, light weight, no wood, impact, and the price expensive than the previous two kinds.
  Basswood plywood: easy to cut, used to make wooden puzzles.
  MDF: MDF, easy to cut, brown, wooden toys in troubled waters (painting department) part of the common, cheap.
  Beech: uniform lines, the same cross-section a bit like a grain of rice, and little by little, the price is higher than the load of wood, and ruggedness.
  Rubber wood: use this wood-made toys, more exports, mainly to very young children use age, feel very good, very safe.
  Other than the imported wood is generally made of wood prices, to be better. Depends on whether the ruggedness front is through the drying process, drying is the time to grasp the degree. Did not control the time, often wood will crack.
  Wooden toys which is mainly used in several of the above. Overall, the wooden blocks came ruggedness. Consider the best and most cost-effective for practical superba

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