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small wooden creat big world
2012-09-19 16:59:50

John Crane is a famous British manufacturer of wooden toys, agents with Thailand's famous wooden toy brand Pintoy addition GoGo Toys, George Luck and own brand Branching Out, the product line is quite rich. GoGo Toys, John Crane has only recently into the new brand, both educational and fun, and has won multiple awards wooden toys. Learning the alphabet (Learn The Alphabet) magnetic alphabet set under a plexiglass screen baby with a special magnetic pen tap letters, you can learn the correct word order. Also worth a referral number of dinosaur egg number (Dino Egg Counting), the game will be able to arouse the curiosity of preschool children. The game requires the child to live with a small hand magnetic pen, and stabilize the local yellow dinosaur eggs are placed into the correct position. And the Checkerboard each part has a digital ID, the child must be placed on the specified figures to win. Similar with "learning the alphabet, the game also taken the plexiglass to separate, to ensure child safety at home and playing happily. As for its own brand Branching Out also listed more than 30 new models, including the new 50 and 100 train sets. Them with black locomotive, as well as green and red carriages and sturdy wooden rail. In addition, with the small animals, buildings and trees and other accessories, greatly improving the Lasting Appeal. At the same time, as well as supporting additional packages to choose from, kids can add new content to the toy.


Thailand the Wonderworld brand quality wooden toys UK exclusive agent. This brand of products designed for the needs of the various stages of growth of the children, suitable for a very wide age range from birth to preschool and after are very suitable. The conservation series Softwood using wood and fabric materials to stimulate infant cognition of fabric, color and function. Including the game pad, plush music phones, fashion, rattles, and so on, and the product continues to expand to fit the needs of the babies. The Wonderworld brand in the production process into a strong environmental awareness. It uses such as renewable environmentally friendly materials such as oak. Box in paper recovery rate of 70%. All toys pigment and paint is safe and non-toxic. The same environmental philosophy also applied to the brand new "environmentally friendly series (Eco Series). "Green" series with a variety of toys and games to children this attention to the environmental problems, at the same time so that they know how to make the next generation to reduce the negative impact of global warming in their daily lives. New double-decker "green house (Eco House)" is the flagship of this series, it is bright and eye-catching colors, thick solid structure, with furniture and family members, including many accessories. Energy theme is also a major feature of the wind turbines, solar panels, recycling bins, bicycles and rainwater harvesting barrels, etc. to incorporate them. Similarly, the new members of the "green series" "Penguin Rescue (Penguin Rescue)" games and mini trucks series. The entire Wonderworld education series at a rich building blocks, classification game and heap Toru game features. A "rainbow sound building blocks (Rainbow Sound Blocks) to the solid wood manufacturing, with a transparent plexiglass, which has beautiful beads, kids can use it for a pile of color and size matching game

The Marbel Company is the exclusive agents of the famous Thai wooden toys brand the PlanToys in the UK and to The PlanToys old age and unable to produce rubber oak reuse processed into toys bring immense joy to children around the world. Caterpillar (Caterpillar) "is a series of a specialty baby products, it helps to develop flexible and fine ability of your child's hand. Preschool series, "the shilly building blocks (Twisted Blocks)", "percussion suit (Percussion Set)" and "creative building blocks (Creaqtive Blocks). Classic product, such as the "dancing crocodile (Dancing Alligator)", "traction snail (Pull Along of Snail)" and "sit and go (Sit 'n' Walk)" will continue to sell well. "Plan Activities (Plan Activity) series this year, a number of new models launched, including the vibrant, allow children to exercise wooden tricycles and rocking horses, as well as for car baby" adventure car (Adventure Car) "and "activity bus (activity bus). The Dollhouse Series PlanToy Dollhouse all over 37 products and also through the the Marbel company sales in the United Kingdom. January next year, Marbel will re-launch the Plan City series, and adding a new road and track suit, buildings, vehicles and characters.

Apart from PlanToys brand, Marbel is I'M Toy brand exclusive agent. The brand products mainly for newborns, all products they stimulate, surprise and fun gaming experience, comprehensive child mental exercise, physical fitness and ability to communicate. Wooden instrument series this year has also been broadened, percussion, tambourine suitable age range is very wide, and were quite playable

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