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Classic learning toys and digital printing letters building blocks

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Product Abstract:

Product name: wisdom classic music beauty and digital printing letters learning toys building blocks Product brand: siyu toys Goods size: 22 x 19 x 6.5 cm Goods weight: 898 g Material qualitative: basswood Packing size: 22 × 19 x 6.5 CM A single building blocks: building 3 * 3 * 3 CM Net weight: 0.9 kg

Product Description

Very classical style, often used as more than 2 years development or correct learning disabilities the children of AIDS. 50 letters piece of colorful, draw on all sorts of design, each building blocks six faces all have different content, such as digital, capital letters, animals, objects and so on, to teach children recognize letters and Numbers, learning matching, combination, stack, sorting and so on skills, so can not only when building blocks stack, can also study the letters, Numbers, animals and the necessary early education knowledge, a variety of function in a transfer. High quality of toys, non-toxic paint and raw materials, safe and reliable, presented toys to receive bag a oh, use more convenient! Worth the money!
Love clew:
Advise parents to accompany the baby to play together, and continue to encourage the baby, the baby's confidence is encouraged and affirmation in train up. Parents with the baby play together and timely remind each other baby don't thrown toys, do not contain in mouth toys, increase in two generations at the same time also prevent feelings by the little baby swallowed toy parts, to ensure the safety of the baby, at the same time also inspired the baby to explore nature of thinking and a love of life, to give the baby a happy happy childhood!!!!!!
1. Packing in transport will inevitably have extrusion trace.
2. The product itself is overweight, in the transport process may be because the turbulence in the box will be building blocks for plastic platoon.
3. Wooden toys itself will have wood and wood and wood, or extremely a will have crack, all belong to normal

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