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Environmental bamboo fence three castle game (family desktop educational game)

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Product Abstract:

Environmental bamboo fence three castle game (family desktop educational game)

Product Description

【 suitable for age 】 4-99 years 【 packing 】 color box

【 material 】 high-grade bamboo products, avirulent insipidity, safe environmental protection.

Containing parts: 15 blue walls, 15 green walls, 15 orange walls, five blue castle, (2 take top, 3 no) five green castle (2 take top, three no), 5 orange castle (2 take top, three no)

The game play 】

1, each player choose a play of the fence and castle.

1, each player choose a kind of color and the walls of the castle.

Play home, from the youngest children start, will he a fence on the table, the second player will own a fence in the first fence right Angle position or the first at the end of the fence. , the third player in the same position place his wall.

2, the first player to press the same place method of his second set to continue walls, the purpose is to the walls of the same color round into a square, each of the players continue till all the wall put out.

3, a square is the host of three face or all around the fence color hold players, can be in square place their a castle, the player is not for the walls of the master of the move, if all around in the wall only two kinds of color composition, the square has no master, cannot place castle, the castle of the first put players for the win.

The game objective 】

This is a very fastidious as a whole force and wisdom of the game, children or adults can play, to become more castle master, but step by step to design, step by step, the plan: oh.

Safety warning: pay attention to small parts, so as to avoid the swallow, please promptly put the bags away and avoid him play and cause choking.


This product is high quality environmental protection of toys made of bamboo, accord with international standard. Using environmental protection raw material, is simple in design, a bright toys. This kind of toy help children to grow up and let children's contact with all sorts of natural resources, environment and energy consumption

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