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French small musician game table

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Product Abstract:

Product material: natural high-quality timber, high-quality environmental safety paint Size: desktop 48 cm * 24 cm high 24 cm (size is for reference only, there will be a little error) Pack pack: color box packaging

Product Description

Product description:
The set of the goods is for more than 18 months of the design of the child specially developed instrument of toys table. By a table, a colorful xylophones, a green and purple GuBan and a bronze bell handmade composition. USES the high quality solid wood knock harp is made, the music is ringing, full tone. Knock the harp knock process in train baby eye-hand coordination at the same time, more can foster the baby's interest in music, the development the child's potential art cell, add music. Bright colors can produce more attractive, and let the baby to the color for more understanding. Babies like a voice of objects, knock to the baby limb movements feel very helpful, also can train eye-hand coordination. Lovely chic xylophones were has eight different scales, let children knock in the process of development of auspicious soulful child's potential art cell, add music, so as to achieve the purpose of learning music common sense.
Safety warning:
1, items of a damaged or deformation do not use.
2, small parts do not swallowed.
3, children under five in the custody of the adult please use.

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