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Penguin domino (104 pieces of Japanese style)

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Product Abstract:

Product name: penguin domino (104 pieces of Japanese style) Product brand: siyu toys Shipping weight: 621 g Commodity material: high quality environmental protection pine Monolithic size: 4 x 3 x 0.8 CM Apply age: this product is suitable for 3 years or more children

Product Description

Capital letters (A to Z) and * 2 = 52 piece, lowercase letters (A to Z) and * 2 = 52 piece, A total of 104 pieces of dominoes, eight kinds of color. This fall's destruction, actually is a kind of beautiful creation, the world many people want to go to create the world record, but also forged a more beautiful, beautiful qualitative enjoy. You also try, let this beautiful reflect come out, make fine arts exhibition now you and your friends before, let you feel the beauty is much good!
Education purpose:
Develop the child's practice ability and organization coordinated ability; Improve the baby's thinking; Cultivate baby a cool head, good psychological quality, persistent perseverance; Let the baby to a domino effect has a perceptual knowledge.
The game method:
Let the baby to the appearance of the box shall prevail, through to the collocation of the building blocks to place, arrangement, combination plus external force under the function of form different shape; Any knocked down a piece of wood, all the wood all fell; Also can let the baby any take spelling, and give full play to the baby's imagination.
Domino spirit:
Life is like a game, bowl of very not easy, need good state of mind, to seize every day.
People do things, do the enterprise, must learn to be patient, focus, persistent, want to have a fighting spirit, stick to it is victory.
To keep pace with The Times, aggressive, and forever has no end.

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