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Wooden Car - C9 Red Sports Car

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Product Abstract:

siyu toys are quite simply one of the best quality wooden car toys on the market. They are safe, durable, beautifully crafted pieces to play with and treasure.

Product Description

Each siyu toys car is a fun construction challenge as all parts of the car can be taken apart and put back together. They also inspire creativity in children as they can visualise and create their own designs by interchanging parts across the different car designs. They are great for problem solving and developing fine motor skills. Each vehicle has a unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) which you can register online to receive some cool special offers. C9 Sports Car - long before your child your child will yearn for a Ferrari or recognise a Porsche, they will dream of the C9. Sleek and racy, the C9's aggressive stance, 5 spoke wheels, and low profile red tyres scream 'sports car'. 

Age guide: from 3 years.

Packaged Dimensions: Height: 15cm Width: 25cm Depth: 10cm


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