Home > Jigsaw Puzzle > Wooden Tetris Puzzle for Toddlers 3 Years Old, WOOD CITY Tangram Jigsaw Puzzle, Brain Teasers Toy, Stem Toys with Colorful 3D Russian Blocks,Montessori Educational Gift for Kids & Adults (40 PCS)

Wooden Tetris Puzzle for Toddlers 3 Years Old, WOOD CITY Tangram Jigsaw Puzzle, Brain Teasers Toy, Stem Toys with Colorful 3D Russian Blocks,Montessori Educational Gift for Kids & Adults (40 PCS)

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Product Abstract:

Wooden Tetris Puzzle for Toddlers 3 Years Old, WOOD CITY Tangram Jigsaw Puzzle, Brain Teasers Toy, Stem Toys with Colorful 3D Russian Blocks,Montessori Educational Gift for Kids & Adults (40 PCS)

Product Description

Wooden Tetris Puzzle for Toddlers 3 Years Old, Siyut Tangram Jigsaw Puzzle, Brain Teasers Toy, Stem Toys with Colorful 3D Russian Blocks,Montessori Educational Gift for Kids & Adults (40 PCS)

  • A SET OF 40 PCS TETRIS PUZZLE: A puzzle board with 40 pieces colorful 3D russian blocks (Small parts - Not for children under 3 yrs) , board size:7.09*10.62 inches.
  • WAYS OF GAMEPLAY: You can piece together different combinations with 40 pcs wooden blocks, such as classical tetris pattern, pistol,human,robot,umbrella, flower and airplane, eye-catching and beautiful pattern just like pictures shown.Bring you memories and endless joy!
  • DEVELOPMENT OF SKILL: Colorful geometric assembling Russian blocks can help improve the fine motor skill, imagination, hand-eye coordination and basic cognitive ability for kids. It also can help kids and adult calm down or relax.
  • HELP LIMIT SCREEN TIME: Part of the montessori toys’ appeal is as an antidote, if not a substitute, for all that screen time. Keep children busy for different options to play with geometric patterns and colors.
  • GREAT GIFT FOR CHILDREN & ADULTS: The traditional teaching mathematics puzzle toy with good looking carton packaging is a good choice to be Birthday Gift & Christmas Gift. Awesome wooden Intelligence puzzle for kids, and great fidget toy for adults.

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